Enabling participation

Find out how digital tokenization enables great ideas

Why an STO?

Everything of value can be tokenized. Well… almost anything!

Assets that can be tokenized are for instance solar parks, windmills, nature parks, real estate, sports teams, cars, paintings, and fine art. 

This method of distributing ownership is applicable to anything that can be possessed, not just companies or company shares, because it is flexible, secure, and has low transaction fees.

So feel free to use your imagination and explore whether an STO can fuel your social initiative, charity, or not-for-profit organization. 

Why Liqwith?

Our name is the result of combining two words that represent our philosophy: ‘Liquid’ as in transforming value into liquid assets to be used for continued business growth, and ‘With’ as in inviting participants to share ownership and profits with. 

Gaining clarity

Let us help you gain clarity on asset tokenization and assess whether this is for you. We have designed a step-by-step approach:

1.Start by filling out the STO Readiness Check.

2.Read your personal report so you know what aspects need to be addressed in your case. This will give you a head start in the process of assessing whether an STO is right for your business.

3.Contact us for more information, answers to your questions and further help.

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