Equity Administration

Demo of the portal and wallets – aspects of token management

The equity administration platform

User-friendly interface

Liqwith’s interface allows users to easily invest or issue in legally recognized tokens in a secure environment. It has been designed with different users in mind, including those working with blockchain applications for the first time.

Built-in AML / KYC

Our platform has a built-in identity verification process, which is designed in full compliance with European anti-money laundering rules. Our KYC (Know Your Customer) also stores an investor’s verification status via the Blockchain (white listing).

Easy creation of an Ethereum blockchain wallet

Thanks to the Light Wallet implementation, investors can easily create a universal blockchain wallet through Liqwith’s interface.

Built-in post-issue management system

Liqwith enables the issuer to automate their communication with token holders through a management system. Depending on the type of assets and rights of token holders, the system can manage risk documentation, value documentation, voting processes, dividend payments, and information distribution

A sneakpreview of the portal

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