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Revolutionizing the access to capital markets for SME companies by tokenizing a wide variety of asset classes.

Our vision and promise

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial industry. The entire financial ecosystem will adopt this technology to improve efficiency, liquidity, speed, and transparency. So far, the market has been focusing on client onboarding, tackling issues with regard to KYC and AML; the ‘entrance’ to the new ecosystem. From a regulatory perspective, a very sound and logical approach.

The next wave that we see evolving, is the creation of financial instruments using blockchain. That implies opening up a huge market with huge values and volumes. Larger institutions, investment funds, and even pension funds will enter the market. The Capital Market will be revolutionized.

It is our ambition to facilitate a better capital market by digitizing and safeguarding assets for the mass consumer market. Easy access, improve liquidity, higher efficiency, lower costs, more transparency and processes you can rely on. No barrier, low cost financing!

The traditional route

Since the financial crisis in 2008, banks have been reducing loans to SME’s and start-ups significantly. Although governments have pushed banks to make more liquidity available for lending it has been difficult for companies to get a loan.

A venture capitalist might not charge for interest or require down payments from the beginning, but it does bring a variety of other obligations to the company and the entrepreneur especially. Most companies will require separate financial reporting on a monthly basis; have an advisor on the board and sometimes even demand changes in management, structure or other areas.

ICO’s paving new ways

Crowdfunding and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) promised to represent a modern way to finance new products and services but they each have their own set of problems.

Should the funding target not be reached via crowdfunding, any finance that has been pledged is usually returned to the participants. You’ll receive nothing but a damaged reputation.

In an ICO, the participant merely has the status of a money donor. These utility tokens are not regulated, do not grant any right of ownership and dividends, and have been associated with fraud and malpractice. Well, it sure doesn’t have to be this way.

The best of both worlds

Our RWA solution solves all issues mentioned above and represents an alternative to traditional bank loans, crowd funding, venture capital, ICO’s and IPO’s.

Real World Assets represent regulated financial instruments. Unlike utility tokens, these asset-based tokens represent actual value.

A RWA merges the legal status of a traditional IPO with the advantages that blockchain-based technology brings such as transparency and security. Entrepreneurs get easier access to cheaper liquidity. And participants classify as investors with all respective rights derived from the financial instrument.

Why Liqwith?

Our name is the result of combining two words that represent our philosophy: ‘Liquid’ as in transforming value into liquid assets to be used for continued business growth, and ‘With’ as in inviting participants to share ownership and profits with. 

Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands plays a very prominent rol in the RWA market. This is a logical consequence of our innovation skills, our historically strong fintech industry, our language skills and our geographical location. When the AFM grants permission for an RWA, it automatically complies with regulations in other European countries.

Our RWA services

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Our ICO services

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