Why blockchain?

What advantage does blockchain bring to STO’s?

The advantage of a public blockchain such as Ethereum is that certificate transactions can be managed and carried out in a secure and transparent manner.

Moreover, these transactions are registered and recorded publicly, immutably, and forever for all eternity. Everyone in the world who has an Internet connection can check this. The blockchain thus takes on the position of trust of the notary.

TAKEAWAY – The blockchain takes on the position of trust of the notary

Blockchain based solutions are transparent, safe and reliable as one can only add information that can never be erased or deleted.

How Liqwith helps

Issuing digital certificates in an STO also involves important legal responsibilities for the future. You can safely record those mandatory tasks through LIQWITH’s blockchain solution too.

In addition, Liqwith has developed an advanced management environment to be able to not only guide you through the whole legal STO process but also help you with ongoing Security Token Management (STM).

It is, after all, crucial that the administration of your issue of shares is legally watertight for years to come and that you are able to offer shareholders optimum transparency. This might involve publishing annual figures which you cannot amend afterward, safe and honest voting by the shareholders, fair division of the profits per share or facilitating the selling of the shares and drawing up all kinds of reports which shareholders need for their tax returns, for example.

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