Future of Capital Markets

Aug 20, 2018News

This position paper is the work of more than a year of research and discussion between Liqwith and Chaintip. The result? A proposal for a new ecosystem in the financial world.

Our goal is to bring together new technologies and traditional financial parties in the Netherlands.

This is necessary because technological developments are happening so fast that global online solutions offering an alternative to current decentralized administrations and high operational and processing costs will otherwise not root here, but elsewhere. That would be a missed opportunity!

On top of that, this ecosystem resolves the broader challenge of how to achieve regained trust in the financial sector.

How do we meet future standards of transparency, that are likely to become stricter rather than more lenient?

A question to which blockchain technology and cryptography hold the key.

Consider the immense rise in crowdfunding through ICOs!

Sure, there is a lot of criticism, which we largely share, on the current form of ICOs and the shady way people go about regulation.

That is precisely why we are so focused on reducing the gap between traditional financial parties – with proven expertise regarding regulation – and these new technologies. Or even better, remove it altogether.

Hence, the importance of jointly creating the new financial ecosystem.

Note: the European Union supports this with its plan of action aimed at more competitive and innovative markets, published on 8 March 2018.

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